2x Chevrolet Corvette Side Doors Checkerboard Flag Z06 Vinyl Decal Sticker


4.9 97
Vinyl Finish :
Please advise your car Make/Model/Year :
Kit consist of : left and right sides
Material : High quality Avery vinyl
Default size : Chevrolet Corvette

specifications and description:

material:High quality Avery vinyl;
Others: Waterproof, Removable

Each line and curve of the Z06 body is designed to improve aerodynamic properties, which allows you to achieve high speed and excellent handling. We took special attention and adjusted the stickers to fit all the curves of the Z06 body, wide wheel arches and unique air intakes, which not only enhance the sporty appearance, but also contribute to cooling the most important units. Overall, the contours of the Z06 body are a reflection of advanced technology and design craftsmanship, making this car a true symbol of speed and power.
The vinyl sticker in the design of the checkerboard flag for the side doors and rocker panels of the Chevrolet Corvette Z06 will be a bright and exclusive addition to your car. This set of stickers will perfectly emphasize the dynamic and sporty character of the Z06, adding uniqueness and expressiveness to it. The checkerboard flag not only symbolizes speed and racing spirit, but also visually expands the contours of the car, making it visually more aggressive and noticeable on the road. High-quality vinyl guarantees durability and resistance to external influences, as well as ease of care. Installing stickers does not require special skills and allows you to quickly and easily update the appearance of your Corvette Z06, making it stand out among other cars.

You can choose any color that you need


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