Pair Chevrolet Suburban Side Destroyed Logo Vinyl Decals Sticker


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Vinyl Finish :
Please advise your car Make/Model/Year :
Kit consist of : left and right sides
Material : High quality Avery vinyl
Default size : Chevrolet Suburban

specifications and description:

default color: BLACK
material:High quality Avery vinyl;
Others: Waterproof, Removable


Vinyl stickers with the Air Chevrolet Suburban logo placed on the sides of the car can be destroyed for various reasons. This can happen due to exposure to weather conditions such as strong sunlight, rain or snow, which leads to fading, cracking or peeling of the vinyl. It can also be caused by mechanical damage, such as scratches or bumps on the car body.
If the vinyl stickers are destroyed, they can be replaced as follows:
Surface cleaning: Before applying a new sticker, the surface of the car must be thoroughly cleaned of the remnants of the old sticker, dirt and oil. Use alcohol or a special cleaner to remove all impurities.
Choosing a new sticker: Purchase new vinyl stickers that fit your Chevrolet Suburban. Make sure they match your design and size preferences.
Applying the sticker: Care should be taken when applying a new sticker to avoid air bubbles and creases. You can use a scraper or a credit card to evenly press the sticker to the surface.
Sticker protection: To extend the life of the vinyl sticker and protect it from weather conditions, special protective coatings can be used that prevent fading and mechanical damage.
If you are not sure of your abilities when applying the sticker, it is recommended to contact professionals who will do this job quickly and efficiently

You can choose any color that you need


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