2x Chevrolet Blazer 2023 Graphics Decals Doors Wave Side Stripe Wrap Vinyl Decal Sticker


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Vinyl Finish :
Please advise your car Make/Model/Year :
Kit consist of : left and right sides
Material : High quality Avery vinyl
Default size : Chevrolet Blazer 2023

specifications and description:

default color: BLACK
material:High quality Avery vinyl;
Others: Waterproof, Removable


For owners of the Chevrolet Blazer 2023, an exclusive set of two vinyl stickers is offered, created to give your car a dynamic and at the same time refined appearance. These stickers are designed in the form of wavy stripes, elegantly winding along the doors and side of the body, which creates the impression of movement even at rest.
The big wave design not only adds visual interest, but also highlights the fast-paced nature of the Blazer. The wavy line flows smoothly from the front to the rear of the car, accentuating its aerodynamic shapes and adding visual dynamism to it.
The stickers are made of premium vinyl, which guarantees their durability and resistance to environmental influences. The material is resistant to fading in the sun, moisture and small scratches, ensuring the preservation of the original appearance of the decor for a long time.
Sticker installation does not require special skills and can be done independently, which makes this accessory an affordable and easy way to customize your car. This sticker pack is perfect for those who want to highlight their Chevrolet Blazer on the road and give it a unique style.

You can choose any color that you need


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